Expert Meeting: Recommendations to Counter and Address Prison Radicalization Worldwide

Sep 15 2015
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10 September

Valletta, Malta

The IIJ convened an expert meeting on 10 September to discuss a series of recommendations to counter and address prison radicalization. Prison wardens and administrators, policy-makers and program managers working on correctional reforms programs discussed  a series of recommendations for prison management that would help counter radicalization within detention facilities. The experts agreed that a well-functioning prison system is key to counter prison radicalization and identified good practices that are meant to provide prison personnel with tools, information and resources necessary to identify signs of radicalization and develop and appropriate response. Those pertained to administration and management of facilities, staff training, risk assessment, classification procedures, accountability, intelligence and communication, programs and community involvement. These recommendations will support already existing documents addressing prison management and CVE with specific guidance to address the nexus. The recommendations will be presented by the IIJ at upcoming meetings in New York later this month.

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