GCTF-IIJ Initiative to Address Homegrown Terrorism – Good Practices Review Meeting

Starting Date2018-06-25 Ending Date2018-06-25 Rabat, Morocco

On June 25, 2018, the Co-Leads of the Global Counterterrorism Forum’s (GCTF) Initiative to Address Homegrown Terrorism, Morocco and the United States, held a review meeting for the new good practices being developed under the initiative, for which the IIJ is proud to have served as implementing partner. Hosted by Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Good Practices Review Meeting was well attended with representatives from nineteen GCTF members and five non-member organizations providing valuable input on the draft document.  The good practices are the culmination of three events hosted in Malta by the IIJ: (i) a launch event held on 15-16 November 2017 at which participants identified themes for the good practices; (ii) a first practitioner workshop – focused on prevention and detection – held on January 31-February 1, 2018; and (iii) a second practitioner workshop – focused on criminal justice responses in preventing, detecting and responding to homegrown terrorism – held on April 25-26, 2018.

Following further review periods (as per the GCTF Terms of Reference), the aim is for the new good practices to be submitted to GCTF members for endorsement at the GCTF Ministerial Plenary Meeting in New York in September 2018.  Once endorsed, the document will serve as a companion document to the GCTF’s The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum on Good Practices for a More Effective Response to the FTF Phenomenon The IIJ thanks Morocco and the United States for their leadership of this important and timely initiative, and the GCTF members and non-members who attended the four initiative events and so generously contributed their experience and expertise to the good practices.

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