IIJ Investigations Initiative: Multi-Agency ‘Intelligence-led, Evidence-driven’ Counter-Terrorism Investigation Capacity-Building in Somaliland – Monitoring and Evaluation Phase

Starting Date2021-07-06 Ending Date2021-07-08

On 6-8 July 2021, the IIJ convened the evaluation phase of its Multi-Agency Intelligence-Led, Evidence-Driven Investigation Capacity-Building programme in Somaliland under the auspices of the IIJ Investigations Initiative.  The purpose was to evaluate the sustainable impact of the capacity-building workshop and immersive practical exercise held in February 2021. This, and the earlier phases in this important project for Somaliland, were led by the IIJ Senior Investigations Adviser Philip Tucker.


During this two-day Monitoring and Evaluation workshop, senior leaders from seven different Somaliland agencies met to discuss the implementation of the recommendations identified in the previous phase of the project.  Practitioners who had participated in the training discussed the impact that this innovative curriculum had had in their daily work. This included developing international judicial cooperation, improved parallel collection of evidence and intelligence, application of the law for practitioners, a more systemic approach to managing risk, enhanced crime scene management, more effective investigation processes, and building rapport during interviews.

It was clear from the Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop that not only had the participating practitioners gained significant skills, experience and context from the capacity-building workshops, but that – crucially – they are already actively applying the skills and tools in their workplace, with notable improvements in processes, arrests and the seizure of weapons.

For more information on this workshop, please contact IIJ Senior Investigations Adviser Mr Philip Tucker