Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters – Tunisia

Starting Date2016-05-30 Ending Date2016-06-03 Tunisia

From 30 May to 3 June, an IIJ/Hedayah delegation visited Tunisia to meet with national representatives of justice, human rights, security and social affairs authorities in the framework of the joint initiative addressing the rehabilitation and reintegration of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters (RFTF).  The discussion was based around a set of principles directed at consistent reintegration-led programs that combine in custody and community dimensions for RFTFs to prevent recidivism. Education and social affairs stands as factors to facilitate the process of reintegration. Based on a participatory methodology, a program will be designed to focus on providing a course of instruction that will allow policy and decision makers to understand the fundamentals of the principles to address the returning FTFs to support Tunisia’s overall counter terrorism objectives.