Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) Coordinating Committee

Sep 26 2015
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The IIJ participated in the Eighth Global Counterterroism Forum (GCTF) Coordinating Committee meeting on September 26 in New York.  During the meeting, several new steps and initiatives were announced.  Primary among them,  the current GCTF co-chairs, the United States and Turkey, will be replaced over the coming year by the Netherlands and Morocco, and the the GCTF Administration Unit will transfer from the United States Department of State Counterterrorism Bureau to the ICCT in The Hague. In addition, new initiatives, including a program focused on addressing the full cycle of radicalization to violence, were announced, and two GCTF framework documents, an addendum to the Algiers Memorandum and a Good Practices on Women and CVE, were approved.  The representative of Switzerland in particular described the new work being done in the field of juvenile justice in the context of CT, and noted that the IIJ was a crucial partner in this effort.  Later in the meeting, the IIJ Executive Secretary and the other two GCTF-inspired institutions provided updates to the GCTF members on their work over the past year, and their respective future directions.   Several GCTF members highlighted IIJ’s rapid emergence and its growing effectiveness.