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OSCE-Wide CT Conference 2018

The IIJ presented its work on juvenile justice in the CT context at the OSCE-wide annual counterterrorism conference hosted by Italy – the OSCE 2018 Chairmanship – in Rome, on 10-11 May 2018. The event addressed the ‘Reverse Flow of Foreign ..


IIJ Addresses the EU’s Terrorism Working Party

At the invitation of the Government of Malta, the IIJ addressed the EU’s Terrorism Working Party on the IIJ’s efforts to address prison radicalization in Brussels, Belgium on 14 June. IIJ Corrections Program Manager Monique Kamies provided a comprehen..

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COTER Meeting

IIJ Director Reinhard Uhrig addressed the EU Council working party on terrorism (COTER) presenting on the IIJ’s work with criminal justice practitioners and in the IIJ initiative on FTF/RFTF on the 09/06/2017 in Brussels. The IIJ had been invited by the..


CODEXTER 32nd Plenary Meeting

The CODEXTER is the Council of Europe’s primary CT policymaking body.  During their annual meeting held from 23-24 May 2017 in Strasbourg, France, organized by the Secretariat of the Counter-Terrorism Division, CODEXTER members discussed the terms of r..