Reintegration of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters Initiative (Tunisia)

Mar 31 2017
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The International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law (IIJ) and Hedayah facilitated a workshop organized from 27-31 March 2017 by the National Counter Terrorism Commission (CTC) of Tunisia. The workshop was part of the wider Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighter (RFTF) program in collaboration with the Government of Tunisia on the topic of community-based reintegration programs for returnees. Participants included relevant media organizations and civil society organizations as well as members of the CT Commission and focal representatives in key ministries. The five-day  workshop  aimed at exploring potential reintegration programs for RFTFs in the country  to complement rule of law  measures and ensure long-term national security. Topics such as community acceptance were thoughtfully discussed with relevant local and international subject matter experts (SMEs)  who had  the opportunity to present insightful case-studies. At the end of the workshop, participants had a better understanding of the need for community engagement on the issue of RFTFs and successfully identified key areas of work on how to communicate the issue of RFTFs in the country.