IIJ Judicial Capacity-Building Initiative: Prosecutors in the Southern Mediterranean

23 - 24 يناير 2019
Beirut, Lebanon

The IIJ, in partnership with the European Union, organised an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) in Beirut in January 2019 to review and finalise the IIJ Prosecutor Outline, which was developed over the course of 2018 under the IIJ Judicial Capacity-Building Initiative. The workshop brought together 20 experts from 13 countries in the Southern Extended Mediterranean Region.

The goal of the IIJ Prosecutor Outline is provide guidance to prosecutors, investigating magistrates, and investigating agents on their responsibilities to ensure that the criminal justice system works effectively in combating terrorism in accordance with international rule of law and human rights standards. These responsibilities include: (1) ensuring an effective investigation is conducted of individuals suspected of commission or planning of terrorist attacks; (2) selecting the appropriate charges to bring in such cases; (3) ensuring the right to a fair trial for individuals charged; and (4) bringing before the court those not present in the jurisdiction in which the charges against them were filed.

The Outline reflect practical priorities, challenges, and recommendations, and includes case studies as identified by the participating prosecutors, investigative magistrates, and other criminal justice sector practitioners. The Outline includes references to applicable international counter-terrorism and human rights instruments and rule of law considerations, and builds on guidance published by the EU, GCTF and other international organisations. With this document, the IIJ aims to provide prosecutors with practical guidelines based on international standards and good practices to assist them in dealing with some of the key issues they face in their efforts to respond to terrorism and related crimes.

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For more information on this workshop please contact Director, Programmatic Unit, Gail Malone.

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