The IIJ offers courses and activities that are tailored for parliamentarians and other law-makers, investigators, prosecutors, judges, and corrections officials on topics that include:

Legal frameworks

Criminalising of terrorism and other transnational crimes (including the role that parliamentarians can, and should, play in providing oversight to the implementation of a rule of law-based CT legal regime).


Enhancing skills on subjects such as evidence gathering, investigations, and internationally-accepted interview techniques; undercover investigations; cyber terrorism; counterterrorism finance; border security; and the protection of law enforcement sensitive information.

Police and Judicial Cooperation

Building networks at inter-agency, regional, and international levels.

Role of the Judiciary

Practical support for presiding over terrorism and other national security cases within a rule of law framework.

Pre-Trial Detention and Trials

Protecting the rights of the accused and the security of witnesses, prosecutors, and judges.

Prison Management and Rehabilitation

Establishing rule of law-based prison rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for violent extremists and managing prisons to reduce the risks of further inmate radicalisation.

Addressing the Foreign Terrorist fighter (FTF) Phenomenon

Supporting the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2178 and GCTF good practices.

Preventing and Denying the Benefits of Kidnapping for Ransom (KFR)

Promoting the implementation of GCTF and other relevant good practices to allow for a more systematic and whole-of-government response to the threat posed by KFR in the terrorism context.

Rule of Law Foundation

Building a foundational course through the introduction to the rule of law framework underpinning criminal justice-related counterterrorism issues by promoting a greater understanding of the concepts of human rights, justice, and the rule of law, and the necessary elements of effective criminal justice systems as fundamental components of counterterrorism initiatives.