About the Academic Unit

The Academic Unit delivers longer-form, foundational courses under the Counter-Terrorism Academic Curriculum (CTAC) and an innovative online course, the eCTAC, which builds capacity on proactive investigations and prosecutions. Designed for mid-level criminal justice practitioners, the eCTAC is improving practitioners’ understanding of, and skills relevant to, rule of law-compliant counter-terrorism.

These intensive courses complement the Programmatic Unit’s shorter-form workshops. They provide practitioners with in-depth training on foundational skills relevant to counter-terrorism and transnational crime – a strong foundation on which to build capacity relevant to specific and emerging challenges addressed through the Programmatic Unit’s Core Initiatives & Workstreams.


The online Counter-Terrorism Academic Curriculum – the eCTAC – is an innovative online course designed for remote delivery, which has ensured uninterrupted support and training for practitioners during the COVID-19 pandemic. The eCTAC is tailored to specific language cohorts and legal systems of criminal justice systems in our geographic focus regions.


The comprehensive Counter-Terrorism Academic Curriculum – the CTAC – is designed for small group, in-person delivery in Malta. It builds the capacity and skills of participating frontline practitioners with sustainable impact for their home institutions and national-level competency. Courses are delivered in Arabic, English and French and tailored to the needs of practitioners in Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Over time, the CTAC will be offered to practitioners in the Balkans, Central Asia, South Asia and



Research Agenda: Coming Soon

The new IIJ Research Agenda will generate scholarship and research on emerging challenges and opportunities in the counter-terrorism and rule of law fields, beginning with a review of methodologies to assess criminal justice systems.

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