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Contact the IIJ for opportunities to:
  • Build the foundation for human rights and the rule of law around the world
  • Support and empower the development and capacity of regional partners to build multilateral collaboration
  • Strengthen practitioners’ knowledge and skills in East, West and North Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions
  • Support gender equality in the criminal justice sector

The IIJ has numerous project proposals ready to be tailored to the funding priorities of donors. We also welcome partners in consortiums on project proposals to magnify the impacts of our common goals. Individuals, private foundations, national governments, and business entities are all encouraged to support the IIJ mission.

Below are examples of possible funding opportunities. Let us know how you would like to get involved.

Current Funding Opportunities

Institutional Funding

Help bolster the infrastructure, expertise and resources to deliver the IIJ mission with sustainable impact


Seconding criminal justice practitioners to the IIJ as Senior Advisers delivers invaluable benefits for both the secondee and the seconding government. Benefits include professional development opportunities, experience in the design and delivery of capacity-building activities, immersion in  counter-terrorism and rule of law capacity-building, and the building of networks at the regional and international levels.

Flexible Funding

When you provide flexible funding, you are supporting us where we need it most. IIJ capacity-building is largely grant-based, with governments mainly funding specific initiatives, courses or workshops. To ensure the sustainability of the IIJ mission, the Institute relies on flexible funding to support activities not covered by specific grants, and to implement its Annual Programme approved by our Governing Board of Administrators. 

Such funds can be used to fund activities through the IIJ Alumni Network and Advisory Board, the translation and interpretation of IIJ practitioner tools to reach a broader audience, administrative expenses, programming, communications infrastructure, and supporting the development of IIJ publications and tools. 

In-Kind Contributions

IIJ capacity-building activities are implemented both in Malta and across our geographic focus areas, and we convene high-level and global events both online and in cities around the world. Many governments contribute through in-kind contributions, whether in the form of supplying venues for or co-hosting events, providing logistical support or translation/interpretation services. The IIJ welcomes all in-kind contributions as valuable support for the IIJ mission.

Join our Institutional Donors

Government of France
Government of Italy
Government of Kuwait
Government of Malta
Government of Spain
Government of Türkiye
Government of the United Kingdom
Government of the United States

Academic Courses & Research

Support longer-form, foundational courses on rule of law- and human rights-compliant counter-terrorism and a forward-leaning research agenda



An online course on proactive investigations and prosecutions of terrorism cases for practitioners to expand their knowledge on effective interagency cooperation, gathering evidence, and international judicial cooperation to disrupt terrorist activity. Structured into 16 modules and delivered over a four-week period, this innovative course integrates recorded lecturettes and case studies, live interactive sessions and a two-day immersive simulated exercise.


An in-person course designed for investigators, prosecutors and examining judges to increase their awareness of terrorism-specific issues as well as their knowledge and skills for successfully investigating and prosecuting terrorism-related cases.

Research Agenda

A forward-leaning and ambitious Research Agenda framed around the needs of criminal justice practitioners, addressing topics such as emerging threats, relevant counter-terrorism good practices and jurisprudence, explorations of the modus operandi of terrorist organisations, and the identification of ongoing and new capacity-building needs.

Join our Academic Unit Donor Consortium

Government of Australia
Government of Denmark
Government of France
Government of the United States

Core Initiatives & Workstreams

Help fund our short-form workshops that are building the capacity of criminal justice practitioners to address emerging terrorism trends and cutting-edge, rule of law and human rights-compliant counter-terrorism strategies.

Emerging Threats

The Programmatic Unit leads the design and delivery of shorter-form workshops addressing specific and emerging threats and challenges in the counter-terrorism and rule of law fields.

Tailored Capacity-Building

Structured and delivered under the IIJ Core Initiatives & Workstreams, the capacity-building workshops are tailored to national and regional contexts, with a focus on practical application of skills and good practices to real-world challenges facing the criminal justice practitioners we serve.

International Frameworks

The IIJ Core Initiatives & Workstreams support implementation and operationalisation of relevant GCTF good practices and recommendations, the UN Counter-Terrorism Strategy and UN Security Council Resolutions, and other regional and international frameworks.

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Government of Australia
Government of Canada
European Union
Government of France
Government of Germany
Government of Italy
Government of Kuwait
Government of the Netherlands
Government of Switzerland
Government of Türkiye
Government of the United Kingdom
Government of the United States

Individual Support

The IIJ welcomes the contributions of individuals who are eager to support our mission through a personal contribution to ensure implementation of the rule of law.


Government of Switzerland

The IIJ has played a special role in supporting Switzerland in its capacity as Co-Chair, along with Nigeria, of the GCTF Criminal Justice and Rule of Law Working Group. This has included a leading role in the development of the GCTF’s Neuchâtel Memorandum, and continuing to play a leading role in the implementation and operationalisation of these crucial good practices. Building on that success, Switzerland and the IIJ have partnered on numerous projects, including tailored curricula on the GCTF’s Glion and Abuja Recommendations.

Government of Malta

Malta has willingly accepted to actively host and support the mandate of the IIJ upon its inception in 2014. The Institute continues to attract members and partners that actively contribute to best-practices on countering terrorism from their own angles and perspectives. To this end, Malta is willing to continue providing successive flexible funding to the IIJ to support the operational continuity and its institutional growth as an advocacy.

Government of France

The promotion of human rights and the rule of law is a cornerstone for building resilience against terrorism. As an IIJ GBA Member and Founding Donor to the Academic Unit, France has consistently stressed the importance of fostering a criminal justice approach to the fight against terrorism and the need to strengthen human rights-compliant criminal justice chains worldwide.