IIJ Investigations Initiative: Phase 1 – Scoping Multi-Agency ‘Intelligence Led, Evidence-Driven’ Counterterrorism Investigation Capacity-Building

Starting Date2019-07-09 Ending Date2019-07-10 Yaounde, Cameroon

On 9-10 July 2019, the IIJ met with senior stakeholders from Cameroon’s justice, law enforcement and intelligence agencies to develop multi-agency ‘Intelligence-led, Evidence-driven’ counter terrorism investigations training and capacity building.

Productive discussions were held with leadership figures from the Ministry of Justice, Police, Gendarmerie and Intelligence agencies and led to a scoping workshop involving diverse operational disciplines from within those agencies. The outcome, underpinned by GCTF and other international good practices, will form the basis of two phases of multi-agency training and development for delivery later in late 2019.


Phase 1 will focus on addressing identified skills gaps and raising awareness in the areas of financial investigation, open source and digital media investigation, and the management of intelligence and chain of evidence in joint agency operations.  Phase 2 will involve the delivery of a multi-agency investigative exercise putting into practice Phase 1 skills, among others. This in-country focused activity complements and will build synergies among the broader and complementary IIJ multilateral learning and development initiatives.

In addition, the IIJ met with the United Kingdom’s High Commissioner in Cameroon, H.E. Rowan Laxton, and other UK donor regional representatives were complemented through liaison with international partners from the US and French embassies. The IIJ Investigations Initiative, one of eight IIJ Core Initiatives, continues to receive generous support from the United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office and in-country representatives across a range of countries and workstreams.


For more information on this event contact IIJ Senior Investigations Advisor Joe Connell.